Just read a terrific book by my old and dear friend John Hood, guitar player and blues harpist with, among others, Sid Rumpo and the Elks. Its called "For The Love Of Music" and the title tells it all.

John has devoted his life to playing music, mostly in blues forms, and his story of all the ups and downs in the life of a working musician is a fascinating one. I met John when he first toured Melbourne in Sid Rumpo (although apparently I had met him some time before when he was a draft dodger working at Discurio City - that's another story and it's in the book) and felt a kinship with him immediately. I loved the Sids and saw them all over the place, particularly their incendiary set at Sunbury 1973 which is documented on the Sunbury album if you're lucky enough to have one. 

It's a long strange trip of a book with many insights not only into music - John was the founder of 
78's records, WA's first import shop and had the hassles with the record companies common to all of us - but into people and the times as well... and it's a ripper read - I read it right through in an afternoon! 

Profusely illustrated with marvellous photos, it even comes with a free CD of John's music over the years. This book is a must for any Oz Music fan and a goldmine for future rock historians. Highly recommended and available from www.highvoltagepublishing.com ... and I'm not just saying this because he mentions me a lot, honest.

David N. Pepperell


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