CURRENT CATALOGUE: 2017                    Click on bold blue album titles to hear track samples.  

Songs Without Words An MP3 CD containing six of my favourite albums. Click on blue title for full details.

Blues My first album which consists of acoustic and electric guitar, slide and harmonica. A varied approach to the blues style. 

Oceans A tribute to a great solo guitarist, Bola Sete. An ambient sounding album, with lots of acoustic overdubbing for texture, and some totally improvised pieces.

Impressions of Giverny/For Thomas Merton Two ambient suites. The first consists of a series of pieces depicting the life of French Impressionist artist Claude Monet. The second is related to Trappist monk, author and social commentator, Thomas Merton

Abstraction By Proxy  Spontaneous electric guitar  improvisations over recordings by other musicians. One track is a live duet with drummer Alex Kash. A little out there.

In The Sky  A live anthology of my various bands from 1972 onwards. Features Sid Rumpo, The Elks, The Units, Dave Brewer, Paul Daly, legendary blues harpist John McKittrick and many others.

Glenn Gould and the North/John Fahey and the South Another two suites. Dedicated to Canadian classical pianist Glenn Gould, and American primitive guitar hero John Fahey

Whispers Contains four spontaneously improvised guitar duets. Jazz like, quiet, very abstract but in my opinion transcendent and beautiful. Dedicated to American composer Morton Feldman.

Consider the Lilies of the Field Something for God, Volume One. Mostly meditative musical sound sketches. A couple of soaring electric guitar pieces as well. Contains a fine guitar solo on He Is Risen that really responds to the ebbs and flows of its accompaniment.

Electric Guitar A compilation of some of my favourite electric pieces from the early albums.

Improvisation Two improvised soundscapes. The first, Metropolis, is a suite of pieces featuring one electric guitar played through a digital delay processor. The second, Three Views Of a Folk Song is an extended improvised deconstruction of Bob Dylan's tune, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, featuring three electric guitars and a string synthesiser. Two contrasting spontaneous improvisations.

Underwater Stories An echo drenched series of ambient pieces alluding to the title. Doubt if anyone has ever heard the end of this one, quite restful sounds.

The Words In Red Something for God, Volume Two. A Suite in Blues featuring quiet solo acoustic pieces through to solid, sometimes screaming electric blues guitar playing, and blues harp. 

The Elks Live 1977 A limited edition recording of this great blues band recorded live at its peak. Mostly Chicago Blues covers.

Electric Guitar II A further compilation of some of my favourite electric guitar pieces, from the later albums. I prefer it to the first but they are both good samplers of my style.

Blues Time  Straight ahead blues guitar and harp tunes. 

Analog Man In A Digital World A collection of melodic jazz/blues tunes accompanied by digital backing tracks. It swings, good cafe music.  

How Many Elks Does It Take? A live album by The Elks recorded in Bunbury, late 1977.  

Images For Guitar As near as I have made to a solo acoustic album. Very few overdubs on this one.

The Best Of The Blues While writing my musical autobiography, I rediscovered my blues roots. This album is a selection of blues-based tracks from my previous albums. 78 minutes, what a bargain! 

The Elks Refer To Drawer LP - LIVE A live version of the 1978 vinyl album in original track order. 

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