BAND ARCHIVE: 1968 to 2000+
This is a project to document on my site many of the bands that I have worked with over the years.

Some pages feature MP3 files which are available for listening or download. To listen to a track, click on the link. If you want to download a track, right click on the link and you should see  Save Target As, which allows you to store the track on your computer.

Unfortunately, I have had to remove some copyright songs as they were being downloaded and put out as poor-quality bootlegs.

The music runs from 1968/69 through to the 2000's. I've worked with a lot of great musicians over the years, covering various genres. I've always considered myself a blues guitarist, but I do enjoy expressing myself in different ways from time to time.

The Story So Far

Jellyroll Bakers/Juke/King Biscuit (1968-70 : blues)
Sid Rumpo  (1972-73 : blues/rock)
Bitch (1974 : blues/rock)
The Units (1975 : jazz/rock)
The Elks (1976-78 : blues)
The Roosters (1978-79 : blues)
Koukou Roukou (1992-93 : jazz/blues)
Paul Daly & The Fundamentals (1998-2001 : blues/rock)
Jellyroll Bakers





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