I was inspired to play music after hearing the Rolling Stones in the 1960's. I was particularly drawn to the guitar/harmonica talents of Brian Jones, and later, Alan Wilson of Canned Heat. During the late 60's I investigated the country blues and Chicago Blues styles and several world music influences, all of which have stayed with me throughout my career. I was also being drawn to jazz and the concept of improvisation. 

By the early 1970's I was playing electric blues guitar, heavily influenced by Freddie King and Otis Rush, in various successful blues bands, notably Sid Rumpo and The Elks, both originating out of Perth, Western Australia. 

In the 1980's I raised a family and stopped playing professionally. I started using finger picking techniques and got into composing. I pretty much stopped listening to rock and popular music and developed an interest in classical music, particularly string quartets and contemporary composers. 

By 1990 I was composing a lot of music, and recording hundreds of snippets of ideas on tape. Eventually the dam broke and I started to record demos of complete compositions. Boy, that felt good!

I am now endeavouring to express the varied feelings and ideas that I have been carrying around in my head over many years. My technique is still that of a blues guitarist but I like to think that ultimately technique should not define or restrict one's musical expression. I hope my music can take people to many interesting places, in interesting ways.

I praise God for His precious gifts, and especially for the music.
Jellyroll Bakers

Supporting Joe Cocker in 1977

John Hood on his 335


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