I have several electric and acoustic guitars, all of which have appeared on my albums at various times.

My main electric guitar is a cherry red 1963 Gibson ES335, a very versatile guitar. Probably the heaviest guitar I have ever picked up. Not sure why. It originally had a Bigsby tremolo arm, maybe they thought it needed extra strengthening. I also have a cheap Indonesian Stratocaster copy, which I refer to as 'The Suhartocaster'. 

I have an acoustic Yamaha APX-4A six-string with built-in electrics.

I have a nice Takamine classical, although I can never get it in tune all over the neck. I've always loved the feel of nylon strings, particularly the right hand.

For slide I use a beat-up cheap classical guitar which someone left out with their rubbish. I put steel strings onto it and the neck bowed beautifully for slide. It cannot be fingered, but it does feature a three-inch dent in the body. A true collector's item.


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